It tells you what is the pressure of R488a liquid and vapor refrigerant from -49°F to 150°F.

Pressure temperature chart r32 pdf

SUBJECT: TEMPERATURE - PRESSURE CHART FOR FYI #289 9/17/2009 R-22, R-410A, R-407C, R-134A & R-404A REFRIGERANTS ADVANTAGE Engineering, Inc. hospital volunteer youth leader job description. malaga bank swift code

) 86. Temperature. 5 Flammability Properties Flammability Index aFlame limits measured at 21 C, ASTM 681-01 bTests conducted in 12 litre flask to minimize wall quenching effects cBurning Velocity ISO 817 (HFO-1234yf BV measured by AIST, Japan) R F RF RF2 HFO-1234yf 0. .

R32 Pressure Enthalpy Chart.


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PRESSURE (PSIG)* PRESSURE (PSIG)* Sat Temp (°F) R-22 R-32 R-123 R-134a R-401A Liquid Pressure R-401A Vapor Pressure R-401B Liquid Pressure R-401B Vapor Pressure-50 6. Liquid Density. Dec 10, 2018 · class=" fc-falcon">In fact, R-32 is used in quite a bit of blends in today’s world. .

Refrigerant Slider, now a part of Ref Tools, helps you quickly calculate the pressure-to-temperature ratio for more than 80 refrigerants, including natural refrigerants such as ammonia and transcritical CO 2. 46 -0. 4.

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PT charts for the zeotropic blends list two columns next to each temperature: one for the saturated liquid (bubble point) and the other for the saturated vapor (dew point).

4 2-16. Temperature Tecumseh Model Number - Refrigerant Code °F °C R22 (E) R134a (Y) R290 (U) R404A (Z) R407C (C) R407F R410A (B) R414B/ Hot Shot R438A/ MO99.

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Refrigerants - Pressure vs.

7 156 144 85 29. Temperature Tecumseh Model Number - Refrigerant Code °F °C R22 (E) R134a (Y) R290 (U) R404A (Z) R407C (C) R407F R410A (B) R414B/ Hot Shot R438A/ MO99. Created Date:. .

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R32 Pressure Temperature Chart A Gas The text describes the main features of currently available heat pumps, focusing on system operation and interactions with external heat.

1. . 0°C Saturation pressure at 4°C 818kPa 806kPa Saturation pressure at 40°C 2380kPa 2337kPa Global warming potential 675 2088 Flammability rating A2L lower flammability A1 non-flame propagation Note: R32 systems tend to have a smaller charge size than R410A.